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About Azets

The leading provider of technology and services within accounting, payroll, HR, staffing and advisory in the Nordics

Our more than 3,200 dedicated employees serve more than 22,000 businesses within a wide range of industries.

At Azets, we combine industry-specific insight and local skills with cutting-edge technology and customized solutions. Turning data into valuable insight, we enable you to work smarter and make better and more profitable decisions.

Vision, mission and values

We make sure you prosper. That is our vision. 

Azets' mission is to simplify and support businesses in their growth. We use tailored technology to turn data into insights. And we develop tools and provide advice to help reduce costs and improve competitiveness. 

Azets' core values are:

Success for our people
We believe that our people are the heart of who we are and what we strive for. We act with integrity, treat each other with respect and work together so that every one of us can achieve their potential. We offer our people great opportunities.

Success for our clients
Every client will get the high quality services to operate their business efficiently and effectively, to achieve competitive advantage. We will continuously innovate on their behalf and ensure we help our clients to be one step ahead.

Success for our business
We are passionate about building a high-achieving business for the long term; we are determined to lead in all our chosen markets, with superior performance to our competitors.


Azets at a glance

  • 80+ offices
  • 22,000+ customers
  • 3,200+ employees
  • Revenue of 2.6 billion NOK

Our history

Azets is a new company – but with a great history.

Azets was established in 2016, as a result of the sale of the BPO Division from Visma. For years, we have successfully delivered accounting, payroll, HR, staffing and advisory services in the Nordic region.

Over time, we have developed a unique combination of experience, smart solutions and local presence. With 83 offices across the Nordics, we have gained detailed knowledge about local rules and regulations. 

Automation and robotization have created endless opportunities for our customers. Azets has utilized these principles in constantly developing new and user-friendly features. We have put a lot of effort into creating easy-to-use solutions for our customers.

Open book


Azets is owned by HgCapital, a UK private equity firm.

Azets is part of CogitalGroup. Backed by HgCapital, CogitalGroup was established in August 2016. CogitalGroup is an outsourcing and advisory services group consisting of Azets in the Nordics and the UK-based companies Blick Rothenberg and Baldwins. The group provides outsourcing, accounting, payroll, taxation, financial and other advisory services to a broad range of businesses in Europe.