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Live balances Employee

Cozone Employee will be updated with new design and upgraded features - so you can customize and make the best fit for your company.

Azets Employee - new design and functionalities 

In this update we are launching live balances, which means that you can see balances edited and adjusted immediately, instead of having to wait. This function greatly improves time-management, and saves you a lot of frustration.

If you would like to learn how this new feature can optimize the systems for your company, we will be happy to assist and help you get started. You can reach out to your contact person in Azets.


New look on live balances


Adjust and edit in real-time, without the annoying waiting times.


A mobile app will be available for all users of Azets Employee

At Azets we are eager to find the best solutions to ensure you get the most value for your company. The background of why we have been focusing on improving the functionalities in Azets Employee is based on the valuable feedback from our clients. Some may find it annoying to wait for an edit to be updated in their system. We have understood that further flexibility is needed with the concept of live balances, and we are now happy to announce that this is available and ready to make your workday easier. We promise that Azets Employee will perform better, be easier to use and empower you to make the best fit for your business.

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What is new?

Now that we have taken a big step into 2022, Azets Employee is ready to show off some new tricks. Live balances, a feature that instantly updates you with new information, will make it easier to stay on top of your work. You will notice a lot of changes in how Azets Employee looks and also some improvements in how it works. Here are some of the many new functionalities you will find in Cozone Employee:

Introducing live balances 

New live balances feature shows real time balances. The system will add or reduce days or hours into the balance immediately when an employee reports something in the time reporting calendar. 

Before the balance was updated once a month by payroll after they had calculated it in the payroll system. And if a user reported something in the system, the balance didn’t update and still showed the same amount of days and hours left as it was before doing the entry.

Live balance setups

The new feature allows payroll to create live balances for day and hours calculations. 

  • It’s up to the reporting types whether it is hours or days, and the new live balance can add and reduce days/hours from the balance.
  • Once configuring the setup, it’s decided which reporting type adds or reduces the reported amount into the balance. 
  • There can be daily and overall limits for the balance, connect multiple balances into one live balance, and select the order of which balances will be used first and what comes after. 

Vacation days

Live balance can be set for vacation days. It can be connected using different balances from different vacation years and select the order of which balance will be used first. You can also set limits for the balances, for example that any vacation balance cannot be less than 0. This means that once the first vacation year balance is zero it moves to using other balances. Once all the balances are used from the vacation live balance the user cannot report any more days if you have set the limit in there.

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Flex hour live balance

You can set a live balance for hours of employee reporting. You can select which reporting types will add hours into the live balance and which reporting types will reduce hours from the live balance. 

You can also set daily limits for the reporting type so they cannot report more hours for the day that is agreed. And then you can set the overall limit for the live balance. Example of the overall limit is +40 hours and daily limit is +4 hours, which is easy to set up.

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These are only a couple of examples of how the new live balances feature can be used. As a feature, live balances are quite versatile.

Here are some benefits from using live balances:

  • Users will see realtime balance when reporting events in the calendar. There can be a limit that they cannot report more days than they have balance.
  • Managers and client HR find it easier to follow how many vacation days their employees have left and easier to follow that all the days are used during the vacation year.
  • Saves time and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Balance history is visible.

Balance updates

In the future, there should not be that many balance updates since the system can calculate the days and hours by itself and update the balance. Of course, payroll needs to update the new earned vacation days into the balance and then the system can do the calculations based on the setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these changes available for?

The improvements to our user interface will be available to all users. If you are interested in a different time report duration, you can contact your consultant to find out more about your options.

When will these changes be made?

The live balances feature will be released in March and made available to clients little by little as it requires activation of the new feature.

Will there be downtime due to these changes?

There isn't any downtime and we do not want to have any causes for unnecessary delays. Customers will be moved to the new feature in batches to make sure we are prepared to handle the migration and possible issues it causes. All of the changes have been thoroughly tested and have been used in production for months

What if I want to use this on a mobile device?

Azets Employee is built to be responsive and will adjust to different screen sizes. For the optimal experience on mobile devices, we recommend you to download our newly updated Azets Employee app, available for both iOS and Android.

Are there more changes to come?

We are committed to ongoing development of the application. Many of the sections in the application have not yet been upgraded to our new design and are expected to receive a facelift in the future. You will have the opportunity to give us feedback through a feedback survey displayed to you within the application.

What if I only receive my payslips through Azets Employee?

For now, you will not see any changes and can continue using the application as you did before. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in time reporting through Azets Employee.