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From now on KPIs from Azets Report will be visible directly in your Cozone dashboard. Quick insight with no effort.

Azets Report News - Launching KPI Dashboard




We are excited about introducing a new functionality for our clients using Azets Report. From now on KPIs will be visible directly in the Cozone dashboard without even opening Azets Report. You will now be able to get a glimpse of the business status on your way to the other tasks and raise awareness if action is needed.

This dashboard is customizable so you will easily be able to select which of the KPIs to show. You can change them anytime you like and you can move the KPIs around in the dashboard to display them in the order that suits you best.



Quick insight with no effort


Customize the KPIs to your business


Take early action if something stands out

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

For those Azets Report users that work with up to four clients in Azets Report it will be able to display KPIs from these different sources at the same time, giving you an overview across clients with a single glance.

How can I benefit from the KPI dashboard?

We want our customers to be the most efficient versions of themselves. And we know that unnecessary clicks are not efficient, just like going in to Azets Report when it’s not needed. But since you pass through the Cozone dashboard on your way to do other things, such as invoice management, time report/payroll, expense and HR management why not catch a glimpse on how the business is doing - with no effort? If everything looks good then no action needed and no time wasted, and if something sticks out then you can proactively act on it.

How should I use this dashboard together with Azets Report?

This will not replace the need to access and use Azets Report to do analytics as any in-depth analysis will take place in Report - much more information is available there after all. What the KPI dashboard can provide you with is a status overview without requiring any effort. And when you do need it, just click on a KPI to open Azets Report.

How can I get the KPI dashboard in Cozone?

If you have Azets Report and you’re still not able to see the KPI dashboard, then you are welcome to contact your consultant in Azets and we will help you.