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Payroll consists of our very finest experts ensuring a smooth and consistent payroll service for your business. Leave the numbers to us, and spend more time advancing your business.


Let us take care of all payroll matters

Payroll can take some time away from your schedule. By outsourcing, you are guaranteed a full focus on every step of the process.


Tailor made solutions

Whether your business is up and coming or well established, big or small, we find the right solutions for your business.


Correct salaries always on time

Payroll is our core business and we can guarantee seamless payroll handling, always up to date on the latest laws and regulations.

Make your business more efficient

Our experts streamline your payroll process so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not salaries are paid on time, or if the numbers are correct. Give your payroll manager an extra break while we ensure precise payments at the right time.

Adaptable solutions

We can offer our own software, or work with the systems of your preference. Any needed advice can always be directed towards your designated advisor.



Thinking big

Whether your business is small and local or an international trendsetter, the pursuit of expansion and improvement is ever present. Azets works off your ambitions and goals tailored to the best possible future for your business. Expanding beyond borders can be a complex process, but we can offer a smoother transition with our local expertise linked to one point of contact, allowing you to open offices across borders without worrying about different payroll laws. Our experts take everything into consideration.

As our payroll services improve and adapt to the market, your business stays up to date effortlessly, giving you more time to enjoy the very best of your own work.

Pursuing excellence

Payroll’s ultimate goal is to assure quality and elevate it. This includes providing you with more flexibility in your workday, relieving worries about rules and regulations by taking over this responsibility, giving you access to top quality information and guidance, and being a partner you can depend on.

Read more about what we offer clients in the UK, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. We are also able to provide a Nordic Payroll service through one point of contact.

Do you have international ambitions and consider entering a new market? Azets is proud to be a Gold Partner with G-P, the best Employer of Record on the market. With their help, your international dreams are only a few days away. 

Uncover key differences in payroll handling across all Nordic nations with our guide. Download the International Payroll Guide.

Call our international sales team

Call +47 40 10 40 18 and speak with one of our specialists. 


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If you would like to learn more about our services or are considering switching to a more personalised approach, please submit the form and one of our Account Managers will be in touch.

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