With Azets Work you get all you need from your Nordic accounting in one place! It allows you to work smarter, save time and get a better overview of all aspects of your outsourcing services. Azets Work ensures that you have all the information you need from your accounting and payroll systems, including an effective interaction with your accoutnant and payroll consultant. Your employees can handle administrative tasks when it suits them best. For example travel bills and expenses, unemployment applications, electronic invoicing through our invoice service, etc.

With a few keystrokes, you can easily find a current performance report. If you want more detailed information, you can click on for example a specific invoice to see how the amounts on this have been booked ... in short, accounting online. All you need is a device with a internet connection.


A secure channel for data transfer

Reduce e-mail traffic and keep data in one place. You can receive and send messages and files to the payroller/accountant safely. Access to information is limited to the people who need them. The service meets the requirements of the new EU Privacy Policy (GDPR) for personal data storage.

Single sign in

Connect all network services under one portal

Through the Azet Work portal, you can access all available online services with one login. For example, combine travel calculations and HR applications behind a single ID.


Full control of everything regarding salary and HR

The portal's solution to the payroll and personnel area enhances the collaboration and information flow between management and employees in your company and our payroll consultants. The basis for payroll payments is reported efficiently through the portal. Additionally, all payroll calculations for employees throughout the employment relationship can be seen in one place. All personal information, time sheets, vacation and absence of employees will be easily avalible to managers. Payroll calculations may, if necessary, be printed and payroll data can be checked by our mobile application. 


Create invoices online - with automatic syncronization to accounting

Create your own invoices directly online without having any programs installed. No need to mind the booking of the invoice - the system automatically posts everything on your accounts. The benefits are many; invoice yourself online, everything is automatically updated in the accounts. Get an overview of which invoices are paid and not. Supports the new requirements for electronic billing and no establishment or license fee.


Transparent and customized reports

We understand the importance of good reports. Therefore, we offer user-friendly and efficient and easily navigable accounting reports online. You can customize the reports at your own discretion and review earnings, balance, balance of accounts, accounts receivable and trade debtors. The reports can also be customized by period, term and year. Compare the reports with the budget and last year's figures.

Please note that Azets Work recently changed name from MyVisma. The functions in the portal still look the same. 

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