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Matsmart chose outsourcing – so they can spend more time on saving the planet


The international food retailer Matsmart is selling “save-the-planet-stuff”. Saving food from being wasted is their passion. And with the help from Azets’ accounting and payroll team, Matsmart is also saving time - and subsequently even more food.

Since 2013, Matsmart has been saving food from going in the trash. Instead of letting go of perfectly good food because of overproduction, improper packaging, seasonal trends, short or sometimes past the best-before date, Matsmart takes responsibility and gives us the opportunity to buy it at a discounted price. By now, Matsmart's customers and suppliers have saved over 11,000 tonnes of food!

Today, they are an international challenger in the food industry and are now located in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK. (Matsmart goes by the name Motatos in Denmark, Germany and the UK). Azets was first chosen to provide accounting services, later adding payroll services in Denmark.

Choosing an outsourcing partner

When we decided that we were going to outsource, we were considering three possible partners. Azets replied quickest and could offer the most flexible solutions. We understood that they knew what we needed, so we became confident in our choice. We were growing and it all happened so fast. Things that could take a year in a larger company were happening in only a few months at Matsmart. We had to be prepared, and Azets quickly understood our needs.
Carolina Heghammar, Head of Accounting Nordics

In Denmark, Matsmart uses Azets’ full outsourcing service model. This includes all tasks connected to accounting, such as handling invoices, dealing with auditors, and taking care of payroll matters.

- The process is smooth and efficient, and allows us to think about other things without worry. They do the “mark green” on every task, which is how we easily can follow all the processes from the side and lower our shoulders, she says.

Establishing international offices

- When we were opening the office in Denmark, we decided to team up with Azets. The Nordic countries are similar in many ways, but some things are just different. It was good to have a team with local knowledge that could help us out with the establishments in the new markets.

- Azets came in from the very beginning, and we were up and running after a very short time. We were using Visma business as our software platform, and we could just add another company there. That made it very easy. We already had the invoice systems in place. We got help with the registration, bank setup - it was a lot. Nevertheless, it was very smooth with Azets, Carolina explains.







Always access to expertise

- Another aspect that has proven Azets to be a good choice was the size of the company and the availability of expertise at all times. By being a growing company in the Nordics, the administration becomes more and more comprehensive. In accounting, for instance, there are different laws and regulations in all countries where adjustments and regulations happens all the time.

– An advantage of having Azets as partners is the fact that there we never have to look far for an answer; there is always access to knowledge somewhere. We just reach out to our contact person, and they come back with a solution. There was a new Danish transfer pricing policy regulation - our Azets consultants quickly pulled the trigger. We got guidance from a different department at Azets specialised in this, which made it easy for us to come to the right solution.

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Close collaboration

– We see our Azets contacts as our colleagues. The communication is very good and we have tight contact. They are really into our business! When we have questions about an invoice, it is never an issue. A dynamic collaboration that fits our business model very well.

At Azets, we are happy to contribute with professional expertise and smart IT tools to ambitious companies like Matsmart. Accounting and payroll are our main areas of expertise, and we will continue to do our utmost to offer the help needed for Matsmart/Motatos and all our clients to continue to grow. Matsmart is a good example of this and we are very proud to be their outsourcing partner. Together we ensure an efficient administrative machinery that again will free up time for Matsmart to save the planet from more food waste.

Wanted an outsourcing partner that quickly understood the needs and was able to keep up the high pace.

A dynamic accounting and payroll team with local expertise, with one point of contact.

  • One contact person, supported by a strong team
  • Available expertise at all times
  • Ability to focus on other tasks
  • Close collaboration with Azets consultants
  • Low shoulders knowing that accounting and payroll is taken good care of