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New ERP system for an AV company

Murea streamlines its processes with Microsoft Business Central

Murea is a Finnish company that provides AV solutions and services in Oulu and the Helsinki metropolitan area. The company wants to be involved in changing the construction industry in a sustainable and responsible direction. Its offering includes various AV solutions and smart lighting solutions from design to implementation and maintenance.

Comparing different ERP systems

The project started because Murea wanted to find a more robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution where Murea's business processes can be managed and many process-related issues can be solved. Murea carried out a survey in which it compared the solutions on the market and their suitability for the company's business. Based on that investigation phase, Murea chose a cloud-based (SaaS) solution Microsoft Business Central that met the company's predefined requirements for an ERP system.

The goals for ERP project

The main goal of the ERP project was to streamline order management processes. Murea's operations were greatly affected by the global situation with the Covid pandemic and the subsequent shortage of components, which led to challenges in terms of the availability of equipment and their components. As a solution, Murea wanted to implement a tool that would allow it to better manage the business.

The second objective was to improve the management of delivery projects. The old ERP system did not support this process as desired. The goal was to be able to describe and implement Murea's own processes as accurately as possible in the ERP system.

Thirdly, the project aimed to reduce unnecessary work phases in financial administration. Previously, Murea had several different systems in use, and it was difficult to combine the data. The reporting was time-consuming and slow. Business Central offered a solution to this and now reporting is largely
automated and takes place within a single system. Business Central has significantly streamlined reporting and provided more accurate data to support business decision-making.


Business Central met all expectations

The project carried out in sprints. The project progressed steadily and according to plan. The predefined goals were achieved and the initial feeling of the suitability of Business Central for Murea's operational control only grew stronger as the project progressed - Business Central as a solution met all expectations.

The small customizations that were foreseen in the plan were made along the way. The biggest surprise for Murea was that Business Central does not offer ready-made reporting, but also that was taken care of and implemented according to Murea's wishes.

"All in all, the project was a success. There were also minor obstacles, but open and transparent cooperation and communication made it possible to react and deal with them quickly", says Turo Tervonen, CEO of Murea.


Business Central has already been able to correct many of the shortcomings identified earlier. The most important thing is that we now know how to do things right and make the processes work according to our plans and goals.

Turo Tervonen
CEO, Murea

What has happened after the ERP implementation phase?

The real benefits of Business Central will be realized even better for Murea as the user experience grows and more is learned about the system. Already immediately after implementation, the system has been seen to work very well and support Murea's business processes. The system has already been able to correct many of the shortcomings identified previously. The most important thing is that we now know how to do things right and make the processes work according to our plans and goals.

It is also important that the new ERP system is adopted internally in the organization. No system change can work, if the people who use it are not behind the change. In Murea's organization, the new ERP has been received very positively, as it has been seen how it has already solved previous challenges. At the end- user level, deploying Business Central has made work more efficient and clarified tasks and roles.

More power from automation in the future

Murea will expand the use of the new ERP system – minimum-level tasks will be completed, manual work phases will be eliminated and the amount of automation will be increased. The services are developed further over a period of a couple of years, bearing in mind that all development is always continuous.

About Murea

Murea is an innovative AV company that uses the latest technologies and brings together experts from different fields to produce the best possible result for its own customers.

Murea has been operating for almost 20 years and the company employs over 10 AV professionals.

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