Business integrity – the Azets code of conduct

The code of conduct guides our employees and are in accordance with our core values: collaborative, authentic, respectful and dynamic.

As a matter of fact, business integrity constitutes the very foundation of how we conduct our business. That is exactly why we chose to create a code of conduct that is consistent with our core values. And even more importantly, the code of conduct is utilized as an important tool when we communicate with our clients and stakeholders.


Code of Conduct -

How we use the code of conduct

The regulations described in the code of conduct are in line with our employee onboarding and development programs. The code of conduct is utilized throughout all training material in the organization. It serves as an important tool for our employees. If an Azets employee has any doubt regarding the company’s rules and regulations, the answers are easily accessible in the code of conduct. This guides us in making sure that we always follow the corporate rules and regulations and conduct ourselves in the right way towards our customers.

Code of Conduct -

A systematic approach

At Azets, we strongly believe in a systematic approach towards business integrity. As our name implies, all employees are committed to protect our customers assets and finances. We strive to be accurate whenever we record and report information. The code of conduct makes sure that we constantly work on identifying any aspects that may be in violation with our standards.

Systematic approach | Azets

High quality standards

We constantly work to improve the quality of everything we do. In fact, we are obsessed with delivering quality to our customers. As an example, we have a corporate quality manual and our personnel handbook, providing thorough descriptions of all our routines and guidelines. For our customers, this simply means that they should expect nothing less than high quality from Azets.

Quality with Azets

We respect your privacy

Azets works systematically to be compliant with regulations made to protect your data and privacy. The new regulations from EU, called GDPR, is setting the standard for our Code of Conduct in this area. It is described in detail in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

This includes the marketing emails we send to you. You need to give consent for us to send these type of emails. This is done as a part of your customer agreement, in the forms on the website or a mail confirmation. All marketing emails from Azets will include a link where you are able to unsubscribe from mail-lists.

We firmly believe that a strong focus on business integrity positively impacts Azets: our business, our people and the way we interact with our customers and stakeholders.

Business integrity | Azets