The key to understanding your business

CoZone Analytics is a reporting tool designed to simplify and improve the financial side of your business. It is fully flexible and customizable to your specific needs.





Get the overview

CoZone Analytics will easily give you the complete overview of all reports based on live accounting and payroll data.

Turn data into insight with visual graphs and charts and see your business from a whole new perspective.




Customized to your needs

CoZone Analytics can be tailor made to your specific needs. 

With flexible and user-friendly design, you can set up your own dashboards and follow projects, departments and teams in as many dashboards as you like.





Make smarter desicions

With full control and a good understanding of the numbers, CoZone Analytics will give you with the best foundation for making informed and competent decisions for your company.

Our consultants can help set up the perfect design for you and your business.


A better way to manage your business

CoZone Analytics enables you to make smarter decisions for your company. Our goal is that you become even more efficient and gain a true competitive edge.


Free trial

You can now sign up for a free 60 day trial that will give you access to all CoZone Analytics functionality. After 60 days, you can choose to upgrade to a regular subscription or simply let the trial expire.

You can end your subscription at any time and will be charged on a monthly basis.


This application is available through CoZone for all our customers. To get access to our solution, simply contact your Azets customer representative.

For some of our current Report customers, the application will be visible in the Cozone portal. To start using it, simply click on the Analytics icon and start your free trial.

From Report to Analytics

There are several similarities between CoZone Analytics and CoZone Report. Both systems has been developed by the same team, but in CoZone Analytics the focus has been even greater on design, visual presentations and flexibility.

Our reporting solution CoZone Report will still be available to our customers. However, everyone will also be offered the opportunity to try CoZone Analytics now.

GDPR Management

Like the CoZone platform itself, the application is secure and fully GDPR compliant. All your data is securely stored and transferred from our accounting and payroll systems.

The CoZone portal supports security functions such as two-factor authentication, IP restrictions and secure audit logging for maximum safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

CoZone Analytics is designed to be used by our accounting and payroll customers. That means your company must be a registered client in order to get access to it. Unfortunately, at this time Analytics is not available to organizations that are not part of our client group.

You will have access to the same type of reports you have in Cozone Report as well as some new features only available in CoZone Analytics.

To get access to CoZone Analytics, simply contact your customer responsible at Azets.

We are offering a free trial for all our customers. After the trial, you will be required to purchase a subscription for your user. For more details, contact your Azets customer representative.

If you decide to purchase a license for your user, we will simply add the cost to the monthly invoice sent to your company. Invoicing will be done during the same month that you start using the paid license.

Yes, if you cancel your subscription you will only be invoiced for the current month.

Yes! All your data is protected and securely stored in our data warehouse. The application has full support for traceability, deletion, and export of all data.


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