CoZone Report

CoZone Report

From now on KPIs from CoZone Report will be visible directly in your CoZone dashboard. Quick insight with no effort.


CoZone Report News - Launching KPI Dashboard




We are excited about introducing a new functionality for our clients using CoZone Report. From now on KPIs will be visible directly in the CoZone dashboard without even opening CoZone Report. You will now be able to get a glimpse of the business status on your way to the other tasks and raise awareness if action is needed.

This dashboard is customizable so you will easily be able to select which of the KPIs to show. You can change them anytime you like and you can move the KPIs around in the dashboard to display them in the order that suits you best.



Quick insight with no effort



Customize the KPIs to your business



Take early action if something stands out

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