Azets Document Solutions

Azets Document Solutions

Making your business processes and assets digital



Let our experts assist you with making business processes more efficient through a fully digital solution. Azets has long experience with doing this for a wide variety of organizations and businesses in the Nordics and the UK. We are able to help you through every step of the process: From planning procedures and choosing technology to scanning the assets you would like to make available digitally.


Save time and automate processes like procurement, invoice and communication


Make all resources available from any place digitally


Our experience makes sure that the process is tailored to your needs

See the document services Azets are able to provide:

  • Invoice Processing
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Document Scanning and Processing
  • Purchase-to-pay

Visit our local webpages to get a better overview of the services we provide in the UK, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Here are some specific examples of what we have assisted other organisations with:

  • Automate document flows like procurement and invoices
  • Patient Records made available instant
  • Digital mailroom and communication flows
  • Scan assets to create digital archives

Work with Azets to digitise your office.

Digital transformation can improve efficiency and provide cost-saving gains no matter where you start. Whether it be basic data capture or complete finance automation we have successfully implemented solutions for public, private and non-profit sectors

How Azets has assisted companies and organizations to digitize

Digital automation speeds up the work cycle and eliminates manual handling for the most time-consuming of tasks. Paper forms and invoices are processed automatically with OCR technology instead of being manually keyed in.


  • Our high-quality data capture and Intelligent processing technology provides exceptionally accurate results and greatly reduces errors
  • Workflow automation can alert and flag exceptions to the right people.
  • Easily accessible, unified data
  • Scanning Services make work life easier, more secure and accurate
  • Data can be accessed quickly, at any time, with any device both online and offline
  • Being able to access your data digitally leads to better control of financial processes and greater transparency in your supplier’s behaviour.
  • Improved compliance and customer service


Making the Switch to Digital

We have developed a range of solutions to assist our customers in the transition to a digital workplace. Some of the services we provide include:

Digital Transformation of any physical format, from any kind of archive material.

Azets has the expertise of scanning patient records, pension fund forms, Insurance forms, Injury forms, slides, drawings, microfilm of any kind, antique prints and posters, library cards and much more.

A lot of organisations still trust paper archives, in a format that doesn’t work well alongside other digital business processes.

Azets has long experience in helping large and smaller organisations with scanning documents and enriching the archive with indexing and metadata in an electronic form.