CoZone becomes Azets Cozone

CoZone becomes Azets Cozone



Azets is growing and our collaborative digital workspace with business administration tools will now be renamed to Azets Cozone. The new logo will be implemented 31st May, together with a few other visual upgrades that will improve the user experience.



From CoZone to Azets Cozone - why are we changing the name?

We are happy to announce the new name for our customer portal: Azets Cozone. The name change is a natural part of our vision of becoming one comprehensive service provider, one Azets. Our next step is now to align our global digital customer workspace with the Azets brand name. 

Azets Cozone is an important step for our entire company in creating great customer experiences while heavily challenging the existing players in Europe. By including our software under the Azets umbrella, we will now be able to give our customers a one-stop-shop with top quality services, everything available through one supreme business portal. We will continue to further develop, serve a larger market and ensure continuous growth –  enabling us to offer you the best customer portal to help you succeed.

What will change? 

  • A new name and logo type
  • Design upgrade to the login page and on the mobile app
  • New URL:
  • All automatic emails coming from Azets Cozone, such as payslips, password requests, welcome emails etc., will have a new domain. (All emails will from now on end with * instead of *

You will still find all the good stuff in the existing portal, but there will be a few visual improvements. Azets Cozone itself will feel very familiar after the name and logo change.


Sign In.png


Will I need to do anything? 

If you access any application on the domain via your web browser, you will be redirected to the same application, only on the domain. Nothing will change with your data or credentials. If you have integrations towards Azets Cozone, they will continue working as before.

Firewalls and spam folders

All customers need to make sure firewalls allow both web and email traffic to and from Also make sure emails from doesn’t end up in spam folders.

We still recommend you to allow access to and from until you are certain that all traffic has been moved over.

Update bookmarks

We recommend you to update your browser bookmarks with the new URLs from 31st May even though the old URLs will just redirect the user to the new domain.

Technical Information



Will the old URLs stop working?

No, we will still support the old URLs for the coming 12 months.

Will I still receive emails from

After 31st May all emails will be sent from Also all links inside emails will point to

I can’t access the new domain,, what do I do?

Make sure you allow traffic to from your firewall.

What happens if I try to access from my browser?

You will end up at the corresponding address on, see the overview of the new URLs under the section with technical information.

What happens to my SSO and AD integrations with cozone?

Everything will be working as before but you need to plan to update your configuration within 12 months, the earlier the better.

We hope you like the new brand identity and continue to benefit from our collaboration zone! If you have any questions about how these changes will affect you and your business, do not hesitate to contact your Azets consultant. 

Kind regards, 

The Azets Cozone team

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