Azets strengthens Procountor expertise by acquiring Tili-Avekki Oy from Turku

Azets, the most technologically advanced provider of outsourced accounting, payroll, HR and management development services in the Nordic countries, strengthens the Procountor expertise in its accounting services. Azets acquires Turku-based Tili-Avekki Oy to serve SMEs operating in Finland.

Growth-seeking companies expect service partner experts to deliver not only high-quality service but also customer-oriented technology solutions. At Azets, accounting software and technology solutions are selected based on the business needs of each customer company and the specifics of the industry. Azets is Finland's leading service provider in Netvisor software and is now gaining a foothold with Procountor.

“Tili-Avekki's customized solutions, sophisticated accounting experts and special expertise in Procountor software convinced us to buy the company as part of Azets. In addition to our position in the Turku area, we will strengthen the range of services we offer to small and medium-sized customers throughout Finland, ”says Lars Forsström, SME Business Director of Azets.

Consolidation has continued for many years, but there are still more than 4,000 accounting companies in Finland, about 800 of which are authorized by the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms. Unlike other service providers expanding through mergers and acquisitions, authorized Azets has specifically focused on expanding the range of services offered to its customers, as customer needs and expectations have changed as a result of automation.

“Previously, the service partner had to be physically close to the customer in order to be able to deliver files and receipts in person and to have service meetings face to face. Today, customers value ease, speed and digitality in their business. At Azets, the interaction between an accountant and a client is increasingly conducted electronically or by video conferencing. In addition, it is important for our customers to save time by automating manual routines as far as possible and tracking the key business figures themselves in real-time with collaborative software, ”adds Ulla Nikkanen, Managing Director of Azets.

Tili-Avek's pioneering role in electronic accounting services is reflected, among other things, in its specialization in training accounting professionals in the use of Procountor software.

“We have been making our customers' lives easier for almost 30 years. Interaction and technological pioneering are the foundation of our customer care. By joining Azets, we know that our customers will receive the most diverse expert services, the best know-how and the most advanced technology in the industry, both in Finland and internationally. I am happy and confident this acquisition of our staff in terms of career opportunities, since it is possible to develop professional skills also horizontally at Azets ", summarizes Salla Sergelius, Managing Director of Tili-Avekki.