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We are updating Azets Cozone with a new design

We are pleased to announce that Azets Cozone is about to be updated with a new design system! When you log in to your Cozone portal, you can expect a new look-and-feel, improved navigation, enhancement of current features and a more interactive experience after October 12th. 


About the design update

We have been brushing up the design system and rolled it out across all our Cozone business tools. These user experience updates include a new visual look-and-feel and better interaction in the applications.

The overall user interface and user experience of the Cozone portal has been updated to what we call the Fresh 2.0 design system, giving it coherence and a similar look to other applications with the same update. It will be easier to find your way around in the Cozone universe, and the work sessions will become more efficient.

Enjoy the improvements

We’ve overhauled the layout of the Cozone Portal interface. You’ll find your applications on the left hand side of the screen, freeing up more space for useful information. Since our customers are different and have individual needs, naturally each and everyone's Cozone portal looks slightly different based on what business tools you are using. We’ve taken all the different setups into account to ensure everyone gets a fresh new experience.



Over the coming months we’ll be rolling out contact information for your consultants, which you’ll find on the right. That’s also where you’ll find helpful links, provided by your Azets consultants.

You’ll find the last six news items in the main interface. If you want to browse older content, simply click on one of the news items and you’ll have access to the entire archive.




With the new design, you’ll find your tasks and notifications front and center. We’ve combined your notifications and tasks in one place, so you’re always up to date on what needs to be done.

If you have any questions about the coming changes, please reach out to your contact person in Azets.