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Why outsource?

Cooperating with a strong outsourcing-partner will give your company access to unique skills and technology which automate and makes your processes more efficient. If you consider effectiveness, scalability and flexibility to be important, you should consider outsourcing.

Six reasons to outsource your accounting and payroll


1. Improved efficiency

We strive to create minimal administration for the customer through constant improvements and use of effective systems and processes.

By leaving the transactional and administrative activities to Azets, internal HR staff and management will free up time to focus on strategic thinking and their core business, such as transformation requirements and objectives.


2. Focus on your core business

Accounting/payroll is a specialist field that can be both costly and challenging to keep inside your organisation. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on working strategically with HR and developing your core business.

3. Less vulnerable

With outsourcing, you don’t worry about losing staff to illness, having cover for the holiday periods, or employee turnover.


4. Improved flexibility

Outsourcing improves agility, making it easy to scale the service up or down according to your need.


5. Higher quality

Your outsourcing partner’s entire operation is designed for one thing – to deliver accounting services as efficiently and secure as possible.

As this is their core business, it makes sense for them to invest in technology and processes, which enable them to deliver their service as efficiently as possible.

Your business will also benefit from their experts’ experience and strategic advice.


6. More value

When compared like-by-like, the hourly rate of a accounting consultant may be higher than that of an employee.

But when you take into account other cost related issues, such as development and maintenance of software and IT, staying on top of new legislation and best practices, and the fixed costs of an in-house accounting organisation, outsourcing comes out on to most of the time.

Our outsourcing services

Accounting with Azets


Leave your accounting to local experts.

Payroll process with Azets


Try our full payroll service with one of our Nordic teams.

Why outsource -

Outsourcing gives you full control

  • A complete process
  • Effective systems
  • Long experience
  • Cost-saving production
  • Quality