Workforce managment

Efficient workforce management

Save time and money with a digital solution that makes shift plans easily available on mobile.

The solution is fully integrated with Azets payroll.

Quinyx - A partner of Azets
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Easy for the employee

Employee scheduling is essential for most modern organisations. And it is important for your employees that it is easy to look up the shift plan and easily register hours on their mobile phone.

In the solution from Azets, all information will be available for your employees in a mobile app. Through the app, they are able to swap shifts, accept unassigned shifts and request time off.

Easy for the manager

Azets’ solution will make it easy for you to plan long term staffing, organise shifts when anybody is on sick leave, vacation scheduling and extract statistics on accrued vacation. Reports available anytime provide useful information about the cost of current staffing and outstanding hours due to overtime.

In this way, you save time and make information the employee asks for easily available.

Easy for the organisation

All regulations for payroll and work hours are implemented directly into the application. The manager will be alerted if any shifts are in conflict with existing laws. Employees are guaranteed to receive correct additional salary and back pay.

You are free to decide which method your employees use to register work hours, either in the mobile app or the till. The solution will prepare digital timesheets for payroll.

Our partner

Quinyx is a leading supplier of mobile-first cloud-based solutions for shift planning, time reporting, communication and statistics.

Easy to implement

Experienced consultants work together with you to set up the solution in a way that is finetuned to your organisational needs. Whether it is a group of 5 or 500 employees - our solution will make it easier for you to handle your shift planning.