Helps you administrate your workforce - and is fully integrated with Azets` systems.


- A partner of Azets


Administrating the workforce is a demanding and time consuming task. Quniyx’ webbased system gives you the support you need for planning shifts, timesheet reporting, communication, task administration, budget and prognoseses. Quinyxs believes that administration of employees can be done more efficient and fun!

Today, Quniyx has more than 250 000 users and is provdly providing ts services to Burger King, Vapiano, Decathlon, Rituals Cosmetics, Compass Group, Verizure and SSP. 

Quniyx is buildt up in moduls, all designed to make your life easier. This gives you the oportunity to adapt the solution to your needs. 

Examples of moduls:

  • Shiftplan

  • Tasks

  • Time

  • Budget

  • Insights

  • Communications

  • Software

Quinyx is fully integradet with Azets’ systems.


Quniyx a partner of Azets