Our outsourcing services

We offer a wide range of services and can provide your with a full payroll service in all of the Nordic countries. Here is a selection of what we can offer you:

  • Payroll administration
  • Travel and expense reports
  • Absence and overtime handling
  • Sick leave refund/reimbursements
  • Reporting package 
  • Year-end procedures
  • HR services
  • Recruiting
  • Employment contracts
  • Benefits administration
  • Pension administration
  • Expatriate and in patriate processing
Payroll services in Norway Sweden Denmark and Finland through one point of contact

One point of contact

Outsourcing services that grows with your business

Grows with your business

Outsourcing services with web based apps and services

Web based solutions

Outsourcing services with IT solutions that integrates with your systems

Integrates with your systems



Every month, more than 250,000 people trust Azets to deliver their salary.


Six reasons to outsource your payroll


1. Improved efficiency

We strive to create minimal administration for the customer through constant improvements and use of effective systems and processes.
By leaving the payroll activities to Azets, your internal HR staff and management will free up time to focus on strategic thinking and development of your business.


2. Focus on your core business

Payroll is a specialist field that can be both costly and challenging to keep inside your organization. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on working strategically with HR and developing your core business.

3. Less vulnerable

With outsourcing, you do not have to worry about staff sickness, absence during holiday periods, or employee turnover.


4. Improved flexibility

Outsourcing improves agility, making it easy to scale the service up or down according to your needs.


5. Higher quality

All Azets' activities are designed for one thing – to deliver payroll services as efficiently and as secure as possible
As this is our core business, we invest in technology and processes, which enable us to deliver our services as efficiently as possible.
Your business will also benefit from our payroll experts’ experience and strategic advice.


6. More value

When you outsource, you get much more than a payroll consultant. You get development and maintenance of software and IT, back-up in case of absences and vacation and a payroll organization that is continuously trained in new legislation and best practices. 

Payroll services with mobile apps

Mobile apps

Manage expense claims, holiday applications, and other HR related tasks on your mobile.

A reliable payroll service - become less vulnerable with an entire team handling your account

Reliable organization

Since we have an entire team handling you as a client, backup is always available.

Competent payroll consultants in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Competent consultants

We handle more than 250,000 payslips every month within a wide range of industries.

Payroll and HR specialists to cover all your HR needs

HR specialists

We can help you with plans for employee learning and development, employment contracts, recruitment, and interpretation of labour related legislation.

The convenience of web-based software

As an Azets customer, you will have access to our user friendly and web-based software. All the tools are available with single sign-on through Azets Works. This means that you can have full control over the payroll of your company - regardless of were you are!

Cloud based customer tools

We offer user-friendly and effective web based systems and procedures that can exchange data with accounting systems and pre-systems. Our automated solution for payroll management means that customers spend less time on payroll administration.

One portal for all your needs

Due to local legal variations, payroll systems are different in each of the Nordic countries. To overcome this we have developed Azets Works. The web portal can be used in the appropriate language for each country.

The payroll management process - how does it work? 

We can handle the payroll for your company to make sure the rules are followed and the employees are taken care of. We adapt our process to fit your organization and can handle any type of payroll management, regardless of company-size.


Read more specifics about the process

Payroll process with Azets

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