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Welcome to the Azets podcast Bang the Drum

Available to stream now on all major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify.


Bang the Drum invites Azets specialists and industry leaders to discuss broad business topics that encourage growth, highlight challenges, and provide practical advice for ambitious SME owners and entrepreneurs.

It’s hosted by Emma Sheppard, a freelance journalist specialising in all things SME. You’ll find Emma’s work in The Guardian, The Times, the FT’s Sifted Magazine, and others.

Bang The Drum takes a deep dive into what SME businesses must do to protect cashflow amid some of the toughest global economic challenges many will ever face.

The podcast is available to stream now on all major podcast platforms, including Apple and Spotify. Make sure to follow and subscribe on your favourite player, leave a review and share it with others who you think might enjoy it. You can contact Bang the Drum at

Episode 12 – ‘Entrepreneurship And Mental Health

The season 1 finale of Bang The Drum, the Azets podcast championing ambitious SMEs and entrepreneurs, is now live!

SME business leaders are under more duress than ever before, with economic uncertainty, rising costs, and talent shortages all adding to everyday stress. So, how can entrepreneurs spot the signs they may be approaching burnout? What positive habits can they adopt to achieve a better work-life balance? And what other support is available to them if they feel they need it?

Joining host Emma Sheppard to find out are Leanne Spencer, a bestselling author and expert in corporate wellbeing; Rachel Harris, Director of striveX and founder of ACCOUNTANT_SHE; and Warren Munson, a business founder and Office Managing Partner, whose firm was acquired by Azets in 2022.


Azets Podcast behind the scenes

BRave Business from Blick Rothenberg

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Brave by name and brave by nature, this podcast series is different.

Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Declan Curry, the series focuses on providing market updates, practical guidance, timely insights, and professional opinions from our industry experts, and aims to help entrepreneurs make informed business decisions.

Declan was one of the BBC’s most recognisable business presenters and presented business news on BBC One’s breakfast television for almost a decade. He also hosted BBC Two’s Working Lunch and programmes about strategy and leadership on BBC Radio 5 Live and about personal finance on the BBC News TV channel.


Episode 10: Establishing a UK Brand

In this latest episode of Blick Rothenberg’s BRave Businesse we take a look at the key considerations for establishing a UK business. What are the challenges for launching a new product or service in the UK and how do you grow and scale a brand?

Joining Declan to discuss this topic are Blick Rothenberg’s International Business Senior Manager Melissa Thomas and our guests Angela Crouch from Nectar Sleep and Lisa Robinson from Companiions.

Check the episode here