How We Collect Personal Data

In general, Azets collects data directly from you or other persons linked to the Customer company where you are employed. These persons may be a manager or colleague. If the Customer you work for purchases Azets services via an Azets partner company, we may collect information about you from the partner company.

We will also, with your consent, use cookies, and other tracking technology when you use Azets sites in order to optimize your experience of these. Please see the section about Cookies, which describes automatic data collection tools, for more information about these technologies and your rights in this context.

In some cases, we may also collect information about you from other legitimate sources if you have given your consent that the party collecting the personal data may share this with others. These sources may be third-party data aggregators, Azets’ marketing partners, public sources or third-party social networks. Azets will be able to combine personal data about you obtained from one source with data obtained from another source. This gives us a more complete picture of you as contact person, which also gives us the possibility of serving you in a more relevant way with a greater degree of personalization.