How We Use/Process Your Personal Data

To manage our Customer relations in general and to meet our Customer commitments, Azets collects some information about you in your role as Customer contact person or user of a service.

We collect personal information for a variety of reasons, such as:

a) Provide offers on services that Customers or prospective customers have requested
b) Inform about and present service offers that are closely related to the services the Customer already uses
c) Perform deliveries in accordance with a customer agreement
d) Offer support to users of our services
e) Improve the quality of our services and Azets sites
f) Detect and prevent security threats and perform maintenance and debugging
g) Prevent abuse of our services
h) Communicate information that is relevant for our deliveries in particular and our customer relations in general
i) Process orders, invoicing, payments and other financial follow up of Customers
j) Payment of services purchased through Azets sites

Processing according to the above-listed purposes (a to j) is necessary for us to manage our customer relations. Therefore Azets does not ask for your consent to process your personal data. We do not consider that the processing disadvantages you in any way.

In addition, we will also collect information about you as a contact person or user of a service, for the following purposes:

k) To manage your access to our web-based services
l) To promote new products and services

If you are a job seeker, we gather information in order to:

m) Analyse your skills and background
n) Evaluate your potential as an Azets employee
o) Evaluate your potential when applying for a job in our customer's organization

The basis for Azets’ processing of personal data for the above purposes (k to o) is based on your voluntary consent. Your consent may be given freely on Azets sites when applicable or by other means, e.g.application form. Please note that the collection of individual personal data is required in order to gain user access to many of our services and also to access the information you have requested.

To protect your security and ours we may also store information about you when you visit our premises.