What Personal Data We Collect

The types of data that Azets collects about you may be:

  • Your own and the Customer’s contact details such as name, address, telephone number and email.
  • Information about date of birth, age and gender
  • Employment information about you at the Customer company such as job title, position including preferences and interests in professional context
  • Feedback, comments or questions about Azets as a supplier, or concerning our programs and services
  • Photos or video of you recorded at our premises
  • Content you have uploaded such as photos and video
  • Unique user information such as login ID, username, password and security question
  • Financial information such as credit card information
  • Website traffic information as provided by your web browser such as browser type, language and the address of the website from which you arrived and other traffic information such as IP address
  • Clickstream behaviour such as which links you click and when
  • Other personal data contained in your profile on third-party social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • We may also in some cases compare a collected IP address with a geographic map service to derive your general location.

If you make a post, comment or similar on any public forum or Azets site, such information can be read and used by anyone with access to the site and used for purposes over which neither Azets nor you have control. Information, which you submit on such forums or Azets sites is your full responsibility. Azets will not post any comment, testimonial or similar made by you without your prior consent.

As data controller, Azets does not collect sensitive personal data about you.