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Full control of your business

Azets Cozone will give you the details, insight and the total overview of your company’s business. On this page, we present a selection of the Cozone apps available in the Nordic market.



Everything in one place

Get the full picture of your company’s balance, contracts, reporting,  invoices, payroll and HR in a single place. All systems in one cloud-based portal, designed to make your life easier. 




Less administration time

Let us help you with the administration so you can focus on core business. Azets Cozone allows you to spend your valuable time on what is most valuable to you.



Make your company digital

Take a step into the future by making your company digital. This is the modern way of efficiently doing business management.


Azets Cozone

The key to succeed in your business and make your life a whole lot easier.

Create your own Azets Cozone universe

We are proud to present a set of fully digital and cloud-based systems ready to be embraced in your Azets Cozone workspace. Create your own universe with all the applications that suit your company the best.

On this page, we present a selection of the solutions that are available in the Nordic countries.  

All systems are developed by our skilled IT professionals who really understand the needs of your business.  





Get to know the Azets Cozone family

Activity.pngAzets Activity

Enables you to plan all activities in the annual cycle with seamless collaboration between you, your colleagues and your Azets consultants.


Agreement.pngAzets Agreement

Never miss a contract deadline again with Azets Agreement, the management tool to help you stay proactive in contract administration. When it is time for an audit, you are already way ahead.


DiscoverAzets Discover

The ultimate tool for our Finnish customers that covers payroll, HR and financial reporting. It is similar to Azets Report, just customized to the Finnish accounting system. With advanced Business Intelligence technology, Azets Discover will be your perfect business partner to help you make the best decisions for your company. 


Drive.pngAzets Drive

The ideal platform for sharing files and documents across the whole organisation. Azets Drive enables multiple people to access, edit and collaborate with reduced e-mail correspondence back and forth.


Employee.pngAzets Employee

The perfect link between employees and management. Manage time reports, vacation planning and payslips directly from your mobile phone.


Invoice.pngAzets Invoice

An easy way to manage and keep track of all incoming and outgoing invoices. 


Navita.pngAzets Navita

A budgeting and reporting cloud-based application developed by Azets, offers automatic forecasting and budgeting so that you can devote more time to analytics.


Report.pngAzets Report

The indispensable reporting tool developed to make all reporting easy and accurate. Find standardized reporting models with a tailor made setup to give your business the most value.


Other systems are also welcome

Do you like the idea of having all business software gathered in one supreme portal, but you already have a well-established reporting program or HR system you are happy with? Then we have good news for you. You are actually able to bring your systems into the Azets Cozone portal and synchronize it with the other business systems - and still get the full picture. 

Are you curious if your current system can be integrated in Azets Cozone? Then, you should not hesitate to contact us. We have a large team of highly qualified IT developers that constantly work to make the best fit for our customers. 


Here is an overview of some of the systems Azets Cozone supports and is fully integratable with: 

  • Visma Proceedo
  • Visma Severa
  • Visma Advantage
  • Agda Time Reporting
  • Saima HR
  • M2
  • Invoicia
  • Quinyx
  • zExpense


Advisors on how to go digital

Enabling our customers to become more digital is a natural part of all our processes. This includes making documents digital but also automation using e.g. robotics or using  artificial intelligence for business insights or process optimization.

Azets is a trusted technological advisor for thousands of companies. In Finland they assist customers on subjects like IT system consultation, process development projects, GDPR and how to set-up ERP and HR-solutions including support and continuous development. In Norway Azets provides a wide selection of digital and IT advisory services.

We help companies to strategically incorporate technology into their core business.

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