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Technology and Business Services

When it comes to Business Services and Outsourcing, our team of experts offer the best advice about how to improve your business efficiency.

At Azets, we have a strong focus on digitalization and technology and develop easy-to-use software to make our clients even more efficient. Our software and technology services will help you make better business decisions and work more collaboratively.


User-friendly solutions

We have user-friendly solutions that are effective and safe, created and put together by IT-developers who understand accounting and payroll to their fingertips.


Secure integrations

You get secure integrations that eliminate the risk of human error when transferring data. At Azets we offer two-factor authentication and single sign-on for all customers.


Always updated

Our solutions are fully digital and updated at all times, accessible from wherever you are.

IT consultancy and digitalisation

Digitization is happening at a high pace and we want your business to succeed. We provide you with IT advice and the right tools to make your business more digital and efficient. Azets has its own EDI team that digitizes transactions between buyer and seller. With EDI, all messages between suppliers and customers flow electronically, according to defined and agreed criteria.

Let us find the perfect solution for your company

As independent consultants, you can trust that we are always on your side. Our proposed solutions focus on what is best and most cost-effective for your business. But we do not recommend moving to the cloud at any cost. It must be right for your business and your surroundings. The move can happen immediately or gradually, depending on your needs.







Advantages of moving to the cloud

Modern and user-friendly IT solutions increase efficiency. Get help to create an optimal structure for your IT solutions in the cloud. The right choice of cloud solutions will reduce IT costs and simplify administration. You will be better equipped and ready to turn around quickly to adapt the business to new technological changes.

International businesses with Azets Cozone - the same software in all countries

Tired of spending time and effort in keeping up to date with local legislation and different IT systems? We have the systems that will make the administration of international businesses a breeze - one system for all countries. It can’t be more simple than that. Azets Cozone makes it easy to work across countries and gives you access to your applications and services anywhere. 

Read more about what we offer clients in the UK, Norway, Finland and Denmark to make your business more digital.

Call our international sales team

Call +47 40 10 40 18 and speak with one of our specialists. 


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If you would like to learn more about our services or are considering switching to a more personalised approach, please submit the form and one of our Account Managers will be in touch.

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