How Covid19 has impacted HR rules in Norway

Payroll and HR | 29.09.2021

by Erik Bekkåsen

Now that we are regaining some sense of normalcy and control from the pandemic, a lot of rules established during the lockdowns are gradually being reversed. With the year nearing its end, it’s good to get a reminder of the rules established during the worst of the pandemic, which rules are being reversed, and new rules we need to get used to.


Norway’s new rules for administrative leave

With these new rules taking effect from July 1st 2021, we are seeing the long awaited light at the end of the tunnel, and we can slowly let go of many of the extra rules found to be necessary during the worst of the pandemic in Norway.

The notice period for administrative leave is not stated by law, but based on collective agreements and case law. It states a notice period of 14 days, including cases related to Covid19. Collective agreements and NAV have opened the possibility for a notice period of only two days in cases of certain unforeseen circumstances, but such short notices must be judged on a case by case basis.

When the notice period has passed and the leave is granted, the employer must provide a salary for the first ten days, even if any of these ten days should fall on a public holiday. After the stated ten days of paid leave, the employee will receive unemployment benefits from NAV, on the condition that the reduced work time is less than 40%. This will be in effect from 1st of October, unless there are any new changes before this time. 

  • Collective agreements and case law have set the notice period to 14 days.
  • A notice period of 2 days is possible for cases of unforeseen circumstances.
  • The employer must provide a salary for the first ten days.
  • After ten days, the employee will receive unemployment benefits from NAV.

On February 19th 2021, the time frame allowed for temporary administrative leave was expanded. Employees who by the 1st of February had 35 or less weeks left of their unemployment benefits could be on leave without salary until 30th of September, even if they surpass the 49 weeks of administrative leave. This will now change, so that for new cases starting from 1st of July 2021, the timeframe for unpaid leave will be reduced from 49 to 26 weeks within a rolling period of 18 months.

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