Useful tip: Nordic eTax portal provides information on personal taxation in Nordic countries

Payroll and HR | 01.12.2021

by Erik Bekkåsen

Do you live in a Nordic country and have income or assets in another Nordic country? Or are you planning to move to another Nordic country? 

Nordic eTax portal shares useful information on the taxation of the Nordic countries. The information is available in 6 languages, including 5 Nordic languages and English.

The portal shows tax treatment both in your country of residence and in another Nordic country where you obtain income or have assets. You will find answer to such taxation related questions as:

  • Where you should register after moving into a Nordic country.
  • Which country your income is taxed in.
  • What if you are in the private or public sector?
  • What if you are self-employed?
  • Taxation of pension, shares, securities, personal benefits, and sale of property etc.

Visit Nordisk eTax portal for more information:

Nordisk eTax portal has been developed in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers and the tax administrations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland. 

If your company should move or extend their activities to another Nordic country, we are here to help you. Find more information on our Payroll and Legal Advisory services.

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