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Azets Drive joins the Fresh 2.0 update

We are pleased to announce that Azets Drive is about to be updated with the Fresh 2.0 design system! You can expect a new look-and-feel, better navigation and also some brand new features by the end of August. 


About the Fresh 2.0 design update

We are brushing up the design system and rolling it out across all our Cozone business tools. These user experience updates will include a new visual look-and-feel and better interaction in the applications.

The overall user interface and user experience of Azets Drive has been updated to what we call the Fresh 2.0 design system, giving it coherence and a similar look to other applications with the same update. It will be easier to find your way around in the Cozone universe, and the work sessions will become more efficient.


Azets Drive with Fresh 2.0 

The searchresult functionality has been divided between Files and Directories in a more visible way. (See picture below)

search bar.png


All folder actions except the “Watch this folder” action has been moved under more to clearly separate the folder actions from the file actions. (See picture below)

folder actions.png


File actions icons and file actions under more action dropdown have been reordered based on actual usage of all end users. (See picture below)

file actions.png


Functionality for watching folders  has been updated with better understandable texts when mouse hovering is performed. Along with this, a new watch icon will be present for all the child folders when you have started watching a folder at the parent level of those. Hover text will also tell you that you are watching the parent folder as such. (See picture below)

watch folder final.png


For any questions regarding Cozone Drive, please reach out to your contact person in Azets.