Azets acquires small accounting firm with an X-factor

The accounting firm Byrået i Son (“the bureau in Son”) becomes part of Azets. – It is very exciting and the right thing for us to become part of a solid company like Azets. We will benefit greatly from Azets’ technology and competence, says CEO Hanne Steenhoff.

Byrået i Son is a mature office with extensive experience and solid competence within accounting and tax. The company’s 13 employees serve approximately 300 customers.

– Byrået i Son will be a great asset for our international activities and add to our already strong position in Akershus County, says Runar Leite, Director SME at Azets.

Because Byrået i Son has an X factor: they are specialized on helping foreign companies from all over the world that are engaged in short- and long-term business in Norway.

Aiming for international growth

– About half of Byrået i Son’s 300 customers are international. That is exactly why they will provide Azets with hands-on experience and knowledge within the international segment.

Leite is happy that Byrået i Son wanted to be part of the Azets family.

– Byrået i Son are warmly welcomed onboard our group. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be able to realize a great potential for more international business for Azets, he says.

With this acquisition, Azets will have a total of five offices in Akershus County. From before, Azets has offices at Ski, Lillestrøm, Vollen and Asker og Bærum.

Access to new technology

– Azets is a big company who will help us in driving the technological process further. The access to new technology and competence is something we will benefit greatly from, Hanne Steenhoff comments.

Facts: This is Byrået i Son

Authorized accounting firm. Experts in helping foreign companies with business in Norway. Delivers flexible solutions adapted to customer’s needs and to all parts of their financial function.

  • 13 employees
  • 300 customers
  • Half of the customers are foreign companies