Cozone Activity shows off its new improvements

We are excited to announce that Azets Cozone is being upgraded! We are brushing up the design system and rolling it out across all our business tools. These user experience updates will include both the visual look-and-feel and interactions in the applications.

The overall user interface and user experience of the Cozone Activity application has been updated to what we call the Fresh 2.0 design system, giving it coherence and a similar look to other applications with the same update. The result is a smoother and more user friendly experience.  

The date of the activity has been made more visible while creating and viewing an activity by adding it to the title.


View activity

view activity.png

In the ‘View activities’ option, improvements have been made to make the actions more visible for you according to the Fresh 2.0 design of action buttons. For example, the filter view of year/month/list has been moved to the top left to create a better workflow for you as an user.


Activity calendar

activity calendar.png

The view of a full calendar year with the collapsed side panel has also got its fair share of the new design by maintaining the good overview of a full year of activities, while also adding the design of more visible actions, and reinforcing the possibility to see the status of the calendar.


View activities with collapsed side panel

view side.png

Activity Fresh 2.0 design preliminary to be launched in the middle of June.