Our outsourcing accounting services in Denmark

We provide you with the outsourcing services that you need. We have devided our clients into 3 groups; small, medium and large businesses. Additionally, we can help you with your accounting at your address in case of vacation, illness or mathernity-leave. 

Our skilled accountants stand by to help you both with the actual book-keeping and advise you on more complex issues like taxes and stocks. 

  • Solutions based on your needs
  • Access to a professional team
  • Focus on optimizing processes and efficiency 
  • Experience and professional partner, who is up to date on law and other issues
Outsource accounting in Denmark

"One of the advantages of the cooperation with Azets is that they can scale up a quarter or a half resource in order to finish our tasks right away, while we only pay for the actual tasks performed to resolve the situation."

Carsten Falk, CEO, Domino`s

Accounting services Denmark

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