Automations’ effect on quality in Azets

Technology | 22.11.2021

by Erik Bekkåsen

2021 is coming to an end, and it’s been a busy year for Azets. Our ambitions of developing and improving upon automation and software tailor-made to our clients’ needs are what pushes us to find the best solutions, and in this article we will detail some of the most efficient ones. 

At Azets, we are automated on several levels. Depending on the maturity of the systems involved in the accounting and payroll processes, we use different methods to optimize the automation. We focus on automation to reduce the time we spend on manual processes, increase the quality of our services and to create better customer experiences through the use of our digital solutions.


Efficiently take care of time-consuming tasks

Lots of businesses still rely on paper archives and manual calculations, which takes up a lot of time and prevents you from being able to focus on more important tasks. A repetitive, easily performed task could be the perfect candidate for automation, especially if it’s a process with large volumes. 

An example could be transferring human resources data from one system to another. With automation, you are given an assistant who performs these tasks and does so with very high accuracy. 

Certain manual tasks carry with them a great deal of risk if anything goes wrong. Some errors can be quite difficult to correct and can eat up a lot of time, while some are also expensive to fix. By reducing manual processing of data, you end up with less human errors.


A streamlined cloud-service

A cloud-based solution truly is a wonderful asset for any business, and includes all kinds of services provided through the internet. It comes with high security, and if you are someone who works on the go, it allows you to access everything from work email and documents, to projects and chats with your coworkers no matter where you are. 

You will also have constant backups for your work, so that if something were to happen to your device, your work will still be safe in the cloud. Such a solution streamlines your business and gives you a step in the direction of the modern workplace. 

Cloud-solutions are also becoming more widespread, and as more and more businesses make the transition, we can look forward to easier communication and more efficient sharing of information. 


How robots can learn and continue our work

Robot Process Automation (RPA) are software robots that copy your work and learn along the way. They facilitate and perform time-consuming and repetitive administrative processes so that they can make the calculations for you. 

At Azets, we make RPA part of your processes, to compensate for outdated elements, or anything else you may find lacking and preventing your business from optimizing its workflow. The result has been money and time saved, and an opportunity to make full use of your workday with a much more efficient system for things like dispatch of payslips and storage of legal documentation.

Our team in Sweden managed to complete two big automation projects in 2020 and 2021, where they improved their payroll through RPA and integration.

  • The first rollout was for automating the process of uploading/downloading documents from CoZone to payroll folders. This helps us to eliminate any human error that might occur such as skipping a file or uploading a file to the wrong folder/client.
  • The next rollout was to create the standard report package via a RPA solution which helps us to both improve the quality and the efficiency.  With the new process RPA helps us to create the right reports with the right client chosen selections and then upload it to the client at the pre-selected date.

The result is an RPA accuracy of up to 99,83% and the creation of approximately 9500 reports every month via RPA technology.

By working together with other RPA-teams in the Nordic countries, we can develop the technology even further by learning from each other, and deliver the very best to our clients.


2022 - a year for automation

A machine or technology’s potential is dependent on the work we put in to improve it. At Azets, we are excited to see what our automated processes can do for our clients in the future, and that’s why we constantly work on developing better machine learning, artificial intelligence, RPA, and other optimized software. 

For our clients, this means that we can offer you a choice; a high-security and efficient alternative to surpass the processes of yesterday. Innovation comes step by step, but those steps are strong when they happen. 

We see that the results speak for themselves. We see that you as an employer can offer your company and your employees a more streamlined workday so that they too can make the best of their work. For us, automation is an opportunity to offer you better services and assistance, and that is something we strive to be the best at.

Some ways automation can help your business:

  • A cloud-based service to help your business enter the digital world
  • Your employees can focus on more important tasks when the repetitive and high-risk tasks are taken care of by a software
  • Reduce your errors with software that notices mistakes
  • Achieve greater accuracy and efficiency with Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Now that 2021 is at its end, we are left with some lessons learned from the last year, and the one before. Having your work being accessible on your devices, and having an easy way to share it with the right people, has become a vital part of the changes we’ve faced. More flexibility, more choices in the way we work, and more opportunities to advance, are the things we bring with us into the new year. 

Maybe 2022 can be a fresh start and a next step into the digital new workplace where automation can benefit you and your business.

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About Erik Bekkåsen

With more than 30 years’ experience from payroll and HR, Erik has led large departments in big international groups. During 16 years at Azets, he has worked to provide the best service and support for customer groups regarding payroll’s local laws and regulations. Since 2019, he has built a Business Area for payroll and HR services at Azets, directed at Nordic and global clients.