How BPO will take your business to the next level

Technology | 30.05.2017

by Vidar Bekken

The BPO (business process outsourcing) industry has been through quite the revolution. Still, the industry is experiencing major changes, strongly driven by new technology. Technological developments are fundamentally changing the industry, and more importantly – it provides great benefits for customers.

There is a major shift happening, towards highly digitalized and automated production processes. The number of printed invoices decreases rapidly every year. At the same time, electronic transactions are doubling every year. Intelligent software automates and recognizes types of transactional patterns and leaves transactions untouched by human hands.

By standardizing processes and automate digital transactions, BPO customers should be able to spend dramatically less time, compared to manual processing. It saves time, but equally important, the quality also improves drastically. A staggering amount of manual work hours will be saved for these specific tasks. That is great news for customers. Let me give you an example: today, you may snap a quick picture of a receipt and upload it directly to your online portal. It will immediately be available for your accountant. You don’t have to worry about losing the physical paper, it saves time and is much more convenient.

Expectations have changed

For many years, BPO has enabled cost savings and leaner business management. In recent years, however, technology has played an increasingly important part of that process. Digitization and automation has enabled basic tasks to be dealt with efficiently. As a result, the customers’ expectations have changed, and so has the whole industry.

Today’s customers expect nothing less of BPO providers than for them to deliver value-adding services and advice. What the customers need is strategic insight, enabling them to make better and more profitable decisions. Simultaneously, key financial data and customized reports should be easily accessible on-demand, just a few clicks away.

Clever technology and automated processes has made it possible to provide customers with analysis and insights in a much more efficient way.

Great customer benefits

Technology is the key driving force in the outsourcing industry. Clever solutions play a huge part in making customers prosper. It is only a matter of time before all manual and standardized tasks will be automated. More than ever, BPO customers will benefit from automation, robotization and artificial intelligence, which will provide unimagined possibilities. It is all about utilizing the full potential of the technological development.

A collaborative customer portal

Azets is a company where success strongly depends on the output of what we deliver to our customers. For instance, more than 100.000 employees collect their payslips through the cloud-based portal Azets Work. It is easily accessible from both PC, tablets and smartphones.

Customers are provided with an efficient and secure collaborative platform, giving them on-demand access to key figures and customized reports, while communicating efficiently with their financial advisor.

A real-time dashboard provides customers with a better picture of their day-to-day performance – directly connected to their business goals.

Competitive edge

Business leaders increasingly harness the power of technology. IT has become a major driving force for growth across industries. Highly standardized processes have become and still are becoming automated.

And speaking of collaboration: cloud, mobile and collaboration technologies will help the BPO industry to evolve into the future – and thus be even better equipped to drive growth and provide a competitive edge for its customers.

Is your business rigged to face the digital change? For managers and decision makers, it is absolutely critical to acknowledge these changes and act accordingly. Maybe outsourcing could be the answer.

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