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Handling the giant payrolls– Meet Malin Curley

In the busy world of payroll, where deadlines loom, and regulations can be tricky, Malin Curley shines as a Senior Payroll Consultant & Senior System Specialist at Azets. With 10 years of payroll experience, and 5 in her current role, she is now managing payroll services for one of our largest client accounts with a steady arm. 

Simplifying Outsourcing for Businesses 

Malin plays a vital role in demystifying the idea of outsourcing for our clients. She navigates in the complexities of putting up processes for the outsourcing landscape, walking up the pathway together with our clients, locating, and fixing errors. Her work is crucial in many ways, especially for international companies unfamiliar with the Swedish payroll legislation. By providing clear, structured guidance, Malin ensures these transitions are seamless and efficient.  

Bridging systems and cultures 

A highlight of Malin's career was her involvement in integrating a large American corporation's HR system with Azets' payroll services. This project was not just a technical challenge but also an exercise in cultural diplomacy. Malin's approach underscores the importance of mutual understanding and trust in forging successful partnerships. Integrating HR with payroll posed a unique challenge, highlighting the importance of cultural sensitivity, especially regarding cultural differences.

It can be tricky to integrate systems with such big companies because of their own complex systems. It’s a challenge to make sure everything is correct, and a lot to consider when they have so many employees. It’s a cooperation of give and take. Trust is built when they see us build a relationship with them, correct or prevent mistakes, and help one another.

Motivation in becoming specialist  

Although there are payroll deadlines to meet, the ever-evolving tasks keep Malin engaged and on her toes. Working with diverse clients adds an extra layer of complexity.  

It’s varied work. We have our deadlines for payroll, but new tasks show up all the time, in unexpected ways. This experience adds up over time, and I’ve become a specialist in the Payroll system, but that doesn’t mean you have to specialise in everything. Great colleagues make up the excellent team at Payroll.

Malin's role is not just about numbers and regulations; it's also about people. Colleagues and clients turn to her for advice, not only on payroll matters but also for leadership guidance. Being in her domain allows her to explore and enhance her leadership skills.

Managers want us to spread our wings, gather experience, give feedback, and become specialists in our own field. Taking the reins and being a leader is challenging, but very rewarding in the end.

Malin Curley Azets employee in front of castle

The perfect work life balance

Balancing a full-time job and raising two kids (aged 7 and 3) might seem like a juggling act, but Malin appreciates the flexibility her job offers.  

While I work from home now and then, I spend a bit more time in the office because it makes it easier to support my colleagues. Flexible work hours make it possible to prioritize both work and family.

In essence, Malin Curley is not just a Senior Payroll Specialist; she connects regulations, systems, and people in the complex world of payroll, where expertise, adaptability, and a human touch are so important.