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Employee Stories

At Azets, we are defined by the expertise and ambitions of our employees. We're proud to present some of our employees, to give you a glimpse of the individuals who drive us forward. Discover the talent and passion that make us who we are.


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Our colleague stories blog - Terhi Vänskä

Terhi Vänskä, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist & NPS Manager based in Helsinki, Finland shares her inspiring story on why she started a career in Marketing to what she enjoys when she’s not working.

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Celebrating 10 years with Maria Kærgaard Ptak - From Trainee to Payroll pro 

Maria Kærgaard Ptak is a familiar name at the Azets office in Herlev, Copenhagen. Not only because she is an exuberant and skilled employee, but also because we have been lucky enough to have her in the company for a full 10 years. 

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We are investing in customer success - meet Robert Wijk

As our international payroll division continues to grow, Azets is pleased to welcome Robert Wijk as our new Head of Customer Success Nordics.

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From Café Management to Nordic Payroll: Meet Christina Svalestad 

In a world where chance can lead us down unexpected paths, Christina Svalestad has found her way from the restaurant industry to a flourishing career at Azets. With two years of impressive dedication in the payroll team, Christina has shown that her commitment and talent have found their perfect match. 

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