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Terhi Vänskä – Our colleague stories blog

Terhi Vänskä, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist & NPS Manager based in Helsinki, Finland shares her inspiring story on why she started a career in Marketing to what she enjoys when she’s not working.

Tell us a bit about you and your background (For example, do you have any hobbies/interests outside of work you could share?)

I enjoy filling my free time with a variety of cultural experiences and outdoor activities. I recently went to see The Hobbits in the theatre, and then stopped by the Contemporary Arts museum.

I also really enjoy doing exercise. My colleagues, friends and I really enjoy going aqua jogging together. We have found it’s a great way to relax after work. I would really recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried it, to give it a go!

What attracted you to start a career in Marketing?

I have been on the journey of the ever-changing marketing world for 17 years. Marketing is regarded as both an art as well as a science and my interest in art helps me with my creative thinking at work, it helps me to think outside of the box!

With my combined passion for creative work and innovation and my interest in new technology innovation, I can’t imagine doing any other career.

I would say I’m a team player. As a marketer, you must work well within a team because the best ideas come out of being collaborative and bouncing ideas off each other. Working together makes all the difference.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

I find it really rewarding to challenge myself everyday at work and staying on top of the latest best practices, certainly keeps me on my toes! The marketers who succeed in a rapidly changing competitive market are the ones who are constantly researching, testing out new ideas, innovating and learning new skills.

What would a typical day or week as a Senior Marketing Communications Specialist involve for you?

The versatility of my work fascinates and makes me energetic. My working day consists of various interesting tasks like marketing automation, social media, events, newsletters…and my most recent responsibility is acting as Finland’s NPS manager, and I’m really enjoying it! I have discovered a totally new dimension in my work, and the best thing about this is, is that I can work with my wonderful and talented colleagues. Thank you to my wonderful work friends in Finland and in all of Azets countries.

Which of the Azets values resonates most with you and why?

Respectful. I believe that reliable and durable relationships among colleagues, we can easily achieve our goals. I really value differences and for me, it’s important that everyone is allowed to express themselves in order to work together toward common goals to make the company stronger.