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We are investing in customer success - meet Robert Wijk

As our international payroll division continues to grow, Azets is pleased to welcome Robert Wijk as our new Head of Customer Success Nordics.

At Azets, we are proud to call ourselves the leading cross-country payroll provider in the Nordic region, the UK and Ireland. A growing company has many opportunities, but also some challenges. Our customers are the most important we have, and we have always believed in the value of great customer relationships. We strive to achieve the best experiences - and as we grow, the need for a dedicated leader in this area has become ever more important. 

That's why we are pleased to announce that Robert Wijk has joined our Stockholm office as the Head of Customer Success Nordics for our steadily growing Nordic Payroll division. Robert brings valuable experience and a commitment to customer success that we believe will enhance our ongoing efforts to provide seamless customer experiences.

"As our client base continues to grow internationally, we needed someone who could ensure that our relationships remain not just intact but exemplary," says Erik Bekkåsen, Head of Payroll and HR Nordics. "Robert Wijk is here to ensure our Nordic payroll clients have the best experience possible."

From payroll to customer success

Robert began his career right out of university with a job in payroll for an outsourcing provider with roots in Spain. Eventually, Robert left to move to Dublin - and thereafter London -  spending eight years at a financial services firm servicing top consulting firms, private equity, large corporations, and hedge funds.

"I’ve come full circle — from my first job in payroll to now leading the customer success efforts in the Nordic Payroll division at Azets. My previous experience helps me deeply understand what our clients need," says Robert.

The value of local experience

Born and raised in Sweden, Robert is very familiar with the Nordic region. "This is where my family is, where I grew up, it feels like home. The luxury of having traveled extensively before means that I now value the importance of pan-Nordic relations and meeting people on the ground even more."

Robert emphasizes that many of Azets' largest Nordic payroll clients are headquartered in Stockholm. "Being close to them and understanding the sector from a Nordic perspective is invaluable."

A customer-centric vision

Robert comes onboard with specific goals: improving responsiveness, refining the existing services, and tying the service full product suite together. "What comes to mind for me immediately is enhancing speed, quality, and volume in service delivery. We're here to help our clients achieve their objectives."

Robert’s core strengths lie in problem-solving, standardization, and finding innovative ways to tie together Azets' diverse product suite. He has worked with high-demand clients globally and understands the unique requirements and financial structures that are often involved.

“Whether the client is new in the international payroll outsourcing game, or has years of cross-border experience, the goal always remains the same: the best customer experiences at all times," says Robert. 

When he isn't ensuring customer success, Robert has a passion for martial arts and outdoorsy activities. He also recently bought an apartment and spends a lot of time with his Dobermann.

Azets is indeed fortunate to have Robert Wijk chasing customer success in our international payroll division. With him on board, we're confident in delivering top notch service to our clients, thus keeping them not just satisfied but truly happy.