The payroll management process

We adapt our solution to your business, and we can handle any type of process within payroll management. 
Below you will see the payroll management system from a high-level perspective.

1. Reporting and time attendance

If you are using Azets Work, the authorization of timesheets and travel expenses is done electronically. 
The scrutiny of receipts against travel expenses is done by the customer, but we can check receipts as an extra service.

2. Recording data

We collect all payroll related details from the timesheets and travel expenses, and supplement these with other supporting documentation. The payroll is carefully checked and any unclear details are investigated. The customer then confirms.

3. Finalizing the payroll

The final payroll list is generated and uploaded to Azets Work.

4. Authorizing the payroll

The customer's contact person checks the payroll and authorizes payment.

5. Payroll payment and follow-up work

The local procedures are different in each country but Azets follows the standards in each country to execute payments.

The standard reports are produced and will be available in Azets Work. The payslips are available electronically in Azets Work, but they can also be sent to the employee's home address at an extra charge.

Azets makes sure you prosper

Azets is the leading provider of accounting and payroll services in the Nordics. We specialize in solving your business-critical tasks, enabling you to work faster, be more flexible and focus on your core business. In short – we help you work smarter. We make sure you prosper.