Azets Agreement

Azets Agreement

Stores and tracks all your contracts in one secure and accessible place. Keep track of details and deadlines, sign your contracts digitally, and search for the right contract when you need it.



Total contract overview

The contract management system that gives you the overview of all your contracts and their statuses in one place. All set for audit!


Quick and easy E-signing

No more paper based contracts and unnecessary printing! Contract signing has never been quicker, easier or more secure.



Never miss a deadline

Receive email notifications for important contract dates. A renegotiating opportunity will not slip through your fingers on your watch.

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Agreement services

Whether you are a small, medium or large organization, Azets Agreement will significantly decrease the amount of time and resources required to manage and administer all your contracts.

Forget about hard copies and physical archives. Storing contracts in paper format, in a file folder or as an email attachment often result in lack of control. It’s easy to lose track of a contract or its key details. A digital contract management system is the key to be on top of the game.


Free trial

Sign up for a free 30 days trial through the Cozone portal. If you do not want to continue using the application, simply allow the trial to expire.

You can end your subscription at any time and will be charged on a prorated basis. If you decide to end your subscription to Azets Agreement, your access to the application will end and all data in Azets Agreement will be removed after 60 days.



This application is available through your Azets Cozone portal. For existing users of Azets Cozone, Azets Agreement is a self-service application allowing any Cozone user to start using it by just a click in the portal.

You can also contact your local Azets contact to get access to the application.



To get started with Azets Agreement or to get any questions answered, simply open the chat function in the bottom right corner of this page or contact us through the contact form below. Our support team will gladly help you with all the questions you may have.

You can also reach out to your local Azets contact if you have any additional questions.


GDPR Management

Like the Azets Cozone platform itself, this application is secure and fully GDPR compliant. The portal keeps all your communication, including data transfers, within one platform.

The Azets Cozone portal supports security functions such as two-factor authentication, IP restrictions and secure audit logging for maximum safety.


How will I be charged?

We will charge you monthly based on your subscription plan. You will be invoiced along with any other Cozone charges.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel easily with one click. You will be charged on a prorated basis.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes! You are the data controller for all data you upload. The application has full support for traceability, deletion and export of all data.

Thank you for your interest in Azets Cozone

Together we can find out what our solutions can do for you and your business. Fill out the simple form below and we will contact you soon for an informal chat.

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