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Enterprise Resource Planning made easy and cloud-based

Business Central: an all-in-one Enterprise Resource Planning solution

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Business Central is the optimal digital cloud-based ERP solution for your business

Microsoft's cloud-based Business Central solution gives small and midsized companies the possibility to ensure business continuity. You can automatically pull systems and processes together to manage financials, sales, service, and operations, as well as connect with 3rd party applications like payroll, banking, CRM, or industry-specific systems.

Business Central makes it possible for your employees to have easy access to data, functionalities and business applications right where they need them.

Business Central gives you:

  • Easy-to-use platform and functionalities
  • Scalable and secure cloud platform
  • Extensive set of always updated functionalities
  • Data security and other compliances





Business Central uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as the authentication method, which is automatically set up and managed for you.

  • Monthly service availability is 99.9%
  • In case a disaster recovery is needed, failover/Recovery Point Objective is less than 24 hours.

We can help you elevate your business

With the help of our solution-oriented team of experts, we can take your system and business to a whole new level.

We can create extensions around your Business Central solution while keeping the core solution updatable.

We also offer a wide range of readymade components and add-ons without the need to add a single line of code.


Make your business vision a reality

Essential or Premium license?

Business Central comes in two different licenses, Essential and Premium.

Essentials covers all the most common business processes and features such as finance, purchasing, sales, projects, supply chain and warehouse. Most businesses have this license.

Premium covers all the above while also supporting processes and features related to production and service management.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a service (SaaS) supports your business through times of change by keeping them up-to-date automatically. With SaaS you also get speed to market, innovative functionality and a competitive edge – all you need to face and overcome any new demands.

The SaaS also enables you to take advantage of Microsoft’s Power Platform ecosystem with loads of readymade integrations, apps, data insights and other value adding solutions.

Beyond borders

Business Central can support several companies as well as international businesses and fulfills the legal requirements of different countries. The solution also has multiple language settings available.

Transform your business  with Microsofts Power Platform

Business Central is fully integrated with Office 365, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, which makes it a natural choice for Office 365 users and gives the feeling of familiarity.

Microsofts Power Platform is an intuitive, extensible platform of low-code tools that helps you transform your business.

You can analyze data through Power BI, build solutions in Power Apps, automate processes in Power Automate, and create intelligent chat bots with the Power Virtual Agents tool.

Microsoft Power Platform empowers all your users—regardless of their technical capability—to collaborate and build transformational solutions across your organization.


MC Power Platform-1.png

Role-specific benefits using Business Central

Business Central comes with a set of readymade roles, which you can adapt to give users quick access to information that is pertinent to their role in the company.

The readymade roles include accountant, business manager, dispatcher, sales order processor, production planner, sales and relationship manager, administration etc.

In the tabs you can see some of the key features for some of the roles.

We can of course help you adapt and customize the different roles so they fit your business' specific needs.



The Financial module features real-time accounting and tools for automating and reducing manual work, such as reconciliations, financial statements, and month closures.

Financial reports can be generated directly from the ERP or through Microsoft Power BI analytics. This significantly reduces the need for Excel and manual reporting.

We can complement the ERP with purchase invoice recycling and approval features, which are embedded directly into Business Central.


Sales and purchasing

Build better relationships with your suppliers and convert the best offers to orders.

The Sales and Purchasing module enables a streamlined sales order / quote / contract process that minimizes manual errors and provides unambiguous information on customers, vendors, sales history, and upcoming tasks.



The Production module is able to calculate and optimize your manufacturing capacity and the resources needed to improve production schedules and meet customer demand. It is also possible to maintain the correct inventory quantity by automatically calculating your inventory levels, lead times, and reorder points.


Inventory & Warehousing

The Inventory module enables your business to optimally replenish your inventory and helps to create purchase orders with sales forecasts and expected inventory depletion. The solution gives you a comprehensive view to warehousing by tracking product events and shipments based on storage locations, floor plans and dimensions of the warehouse.

Why Azets?

Azets has been delivering Microsoft Dynamics systems since 2001 and is one of the largest Business Central suppliers in the Nordics.

We are specialized in Nordic implementations and have more than 100 ERP professionals located in all four Nordic countries.

We work closely with Microsoft to ensure that the expertise and solutions offered to our clients are state-of-the-art.

Our extensive industry expertise and good understanding of our clients' businesses and needs have resulted in multiple long-term relationships.

We take pride in our track record of delivering projects that stay on budget and on schedule.

Our Continuous Services ensures that your IT managers can sleep better and focus on other tasks, as we cover and handle all your ERP related issues.

We are easy to reach and responds quickly to make sure that your ERP solution is always up and running.

Continuous Services

The objective of Azets Continuous Services is to manage proactive actions in a structured way and react effectively when needed.

Monitoring and Support Service solves possible issues in Applications as soon as possible to minimize the inconvenience caused to customer.

Azets offers systematic Maintenance services to proactively maintain the solution to ensure system operability.

For Change & Release management, Azets assigns a Change manager team to keep customers' solutions up-to-date and proacting to both errors and business needs.

Service operations are controlled in accordance with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) policies and Agile/Scrum methodologies according to the Quality Management System guidelines.

Azets naturally works as an integrator with customers 3rd parties to cover the smooth service experience.


Microsoft AI, Copilot, as a part of Business Central

Microsoft has integrated its own artificial intelligence, Copilot, into Business Central. Copilot brings valuable enhancements to Business Central users, helping organizations achieve better results in a smarter way.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot for Business Central users:

  • Efficiency: Copilot enables full-scale utilization of AI in ERP processes. It automatically generates content such as product information, messages, and sales orders, streamlining daily tasks.
  • Improved Customer Service: Copilot assists users in creating high-quality content, enhancing customer service. For instance, sales orders can be processed faster and more accurately.
  • User-Friendliness: Copilot enhances ERP usability, saving time and effort. Users don’t need to be data scientists; they can focus on core business tasks.
  • Unleashing Creativity: With Copilot, employees can concentrate on creativity and strategic thinking, while routine tasks are handled automatically.

Are you currently using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central, but your current Partner does not meet expectations?


We sometimes encounter customers with:

  • A system that has not been fully implemented
  • Users that find the system complicated to use
  • A system that is technically outdated
  • A current partner who is not able to provide the necessary development resources to support the business.

In such cases, it is possible to change partner, where the maintenance, development and license management of your system will be transferred to Azets. With the help of our solution-oriented team, we can take your system and expertise to a completely new level.

Do you want more information about changing your Business Central Partner?

Learn more

Updating from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to MS 365 Business Central

Why update from NAV to MS 365 Business Central?

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV has reached the end of its lifecycle, and Microsoft is no longer actively developing older versions.
  • Along with this, Microsoft’s support and maintenance for NAV are also coming to an end.
  • When Microsoft’s support ends for your current NAV version, security updates will no longer be provided, making the system increasingly vulnerable to data breaches.
  • Microsoft offers a modern, cloud-based replacement for NAV: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which serves as a reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for every efficiently operating business.

Transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central is easily achievable with our assistance. For NAV users, adapting to the new Business Central is straightforward as it encompasses all the functionalities of NAV in a modern user interface. Additionally, Business Central offers a wealth of new features and opportunities compared to NAV.

How is Microsoft Dynamics NAV version upgrade implemented?

Generally, there are two main methods to implement a version upgrade:

  • Technical version upgrade
  • Clean start (re-implementation)

Our experts can assist in selecting the right implementation approach and provide a free estimate of the cost of the version upgrade.

Key considerations when planning a NAV version upgrade:




Current version age

Current NAV version: The age of the current version affects the tools and methods used in the version upgrade process.

Current version code and customizations

Code and extent of customizations in the current NAV: Is your current NAV installation utilizing standard functionalities, or have customizations or integrations been tailored specifically to meet your business needs? This affects the scope of the version upgrade project.

Current environment size

The size of the current NAV environment: The scope of the environment and the internal structure of the system, among other hierarchies, should be considered when implementing the version upgrade.

Current environment data

The data of the current NAV environment: Generally, transferring a larger amount of data to a new version is more labor-intensive, and our experts can assist in cleaning up the environment before the upgrade. It's also important to consider what data needs to be transferred from the old system to the new one and the quality of the data. It's advisable to migrate only cleansed and intact data to the new system.

Current environment quality

The quality of the current NAV environment: Does the current NAV environment function as intended, or are there any defects or errors? These defects should generally be addressed, at the latest, during the version upgrade process, as otherwise, they may carry over to the new system as well. Our experts can assist in correcting various issues.

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