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LS Central

An innovative business software, that will help you meet and anticipate fast-changing consumer habits

LS Central: A Unified Commerce Solution

LS Central is an all-in-one software built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In one single platform it unifies your business processes, tracks your inventory across the full chain and lets you scale your business easily.



Much more than an ERP solution

A traditional ERP does not speak 'Retail' or 'Hospitality' so it does not understand concepts such as stores, store replenishment, B2C loyalty, campaigns, promotions etc.

With LS Central you can serve your customer with highly personalized omnichannel campaigns, promotions and offers.

In LS Central, these are all tightly connected to each other meaning:

  • You have transparency of single transactions from POS to the General Ledger
  • You have full control of replenishing your stores from central warehouse or directly from the suppliers, and if needed, plan redistribution
  • You can easily add stores and configure new POS devices centrally

You can offer secure and contactless payments as well as real-time stock availability. You can also expand your business and offer one-on-one consultations, appointments and personalized services if needed.

At the very end, you have different state-of-the-art POS (Point-of-Sale) options:

  • Standard over-the-counter POS
  • Mobile POS
  • Self-Service Shopping through kiosks or personal smartphones

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Industry specific solutions


LS Central for retail

Take advantage of dedicated functions for sales, promotion and inventory management. Sell items through various sales channels; in your stores, via stationary and mobile checkout functions and via your e-commerce. Manage your items centrally including prices, promotions, discounts and more. Get a complete overview of your stock and minimize the risk of items being out of stock.


LS Central for restaurants

Manages your restaurant, catering and kitchen processes in one complete solution. Receive your customers' orders at the table, at the checkout or via self-service devices and send them directly to the kitchen. Create recipes and menus centrally. Manage table service and room service and make it easier to provide your guests with prompt and attentive service.


LS Central for hotels

Get easy access to all the information you need about your guests and your facilities. Manage guests, groups and events. Get a real-time overview of cleaning, maintenance and booking status and maximize room occupancy. Recognize repeat guests and offer them personalized offers.

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LS Central for pharmacy

Manage different types of prescriptions and medicines efficiently and have control over both your medicine stock and other product stocks in the various pharmacies. The solution for pharmacies also contains a large number of functions that make you more competitive and at the same time simplify your daily routines in a comprehensive solution, specialized for your particular industry.




Always up-to-date

LS Central is built on Microsoft Azure, a global cloud service that gives you the secure and solid infrastructure your business requires.

Within retail and hospitality, you want to make sure that your local stores are up and running no matter what happens in the cloud.

This is where our Hybrid Cloud comes in place. You get the best of both worlds, where your stores or restaurants can operate offline and your HQ operates in the cloud.

The cloud brings next level scalability into the retail world. During your high season you might need to add more POS devices or establish pop-ups. This solution makes it hassle-free. Commercially, you have a monthly cost that scales together with your business needs and is predictable month after month. The cloud solution also means, you’ll never have to do an upgrade project – you’re always up-to-date.

Analytics for LS Central

Access actionable reports. Take better business decisions.

Analytics for LS Central is based on Azure SQL and Microsoft Power BI infused with dashboards and reporting for Sales and Inventory for Retailers. LS Insight is easy to adapt and extend.

Benefits for you:

  • One data platform for all your reporting needs
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Easy to extend with other data sources
  • Strong integration with other Microsoft products (Power Apps)
  • You can choose either on-premises or cloud approach. Data Hub and Analytics for free (only hosting cost)
  • PowerBI reports
  • Large PowerBI community



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