Azets Document Solutions

Azets Document Solutions

Utilise the power of digital document solutions for handling invoices, archives and mailroom more efficiently



Save time and automate processes like procurement, invoice and communication



Make all resources available from any place digitally



Our experience makes sure that the process is tailored to your needs




  • Tailor-made service to find the best scanning solutions for your business


  • All your paper archives turned into digital archives on your devices


  • A greener solution to combat climate change


About ADS

As the projects pile up over the years, more and more papers fight for space in archive rooms and office shelves. What starts as a simple file becomes a matter of more space and better storage solutions as time goes by, and it only gets worse from there. Azets Document Solutions has a vision of offices clean from cramped storage spaces, with streamlined digital document solutions.

With many years of experience as the leading scanning service for digital document solutions in the Nordic market, ADS transforms any document into a part of your digital archive, easily accessible from any device. 


How the process goes

When we scan your invoices, we can check each line against the purchase number to make sure it’s correct, and our systems catch everything from signatures to checkboxes in all documents. The paper archive is organized, checked and verified, scanned, and then uploaded to your system so that you can assess the information you want to make available digitally.

Step into the modern workplace

The modern workplace incorporates digital systems that can improve your workday.

  • Find your files in seconds
  • Reduce the chance of manual errors
  • Free up your workspace
  • Access your work from anywhere and any device
  • More GDPR compliant
  • Reduces time and cost

It helps you stay connected to your colleagues and clients, and all without having to browse through a paper archive when you need something. With a digital solution, you also avoid the chances of your information being damaged by environmental factors, like leaks. You will always have a backup easily accessible both in and outside of your office.

There has been a great shift towards digital solutions during the last few years. Workplaces are gradually becoming more flexible, saving money with work-from-home solutions and smaller office spaces. This is not only revolutionizing for company spending, it actively contributes to the preservation of our environment.

What we offer


Why is a digital archive better than a paper archive?

A digital archive provides better and faster access to your information, with everything you need on your device instead of having a physical archive. It saves your business time and money.

How does having a digital archive help the environment?

Fully converting to working from computers with digital files will reduce the production of paper, and help build a more sustainable future for your business and everyone else.

What can ADS scan for me?

ADS can scan anything, and if we run into something new, we find a way.