Document scanning

Document scanning

Make use of our expertise in archive scanning in a wide range of formats efficiently.



Leave the whole scanning process to an experienced partner



Quick and efficient scanning



Get access to all of your documents digitally




  • Our experts can help you scan anything


  • We use OCR-technology to capture everything on the paper


  • We collect your paper archive

A tailor-made improvement

ADS is an archive scanning service, dedicated to get to the root of the problem for each individual business, to find the best document scanning solution for you. We have scanned for a wide spectrum of clients from different industries, from medicine, insurance, finance, client consultancy, churches, museums, and different branches of management, and we keep coming up with new improvements to suit the needs of each client.


Our scanners catch everything

By using the very best and newest of OCR- (Optical Character Recognition) and text recognition software, we can accurately scan and register handwriting, printed symbols, barcodes, checkboxes, and dials during archive scanning. We can search for signatures as we digitise documents, add columns with numbers, and create rules based on hierarchical structures. We can also collect postcodes and import addresses from the post office’s archives.

The first step is to gather the documents you want to integrate into your digital archive, before we begin our process. Each document is checked and verified to ensure all information is included and easy to read. On average it only takes 3 hours to fully digitize an archive, and the result is an easier workday where you can find a specific document in seconds. 

These are some of the documents and multimedia archives that have been part of our digital scanning solution so far:

  • Invoices
  • Pension fund forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Slides
  • Drawings
  • Microfilm of any kind
  • Antique prints and posters
  • Library cards
  • Maps
  • Microfiche
  • Photographs
  • Dia and negatives
  • Books
  • Orders
  • Patient records
  • Application forms
  • Correspondences
  • Bookkeeping archives

If you can’t find what you want scanned on this list, we will consult with our experts to find the best possible solution for you.

As a document scanning service, we are experts in capturing data and ensuring all information is included. With our technology and experience, we can offer help with any documents taking up too much room in your office. We will first gather information about and organize the paper based archive, before we carefully transport them in boxes and scan everything.

After this process, we can send the original paper documents to be stored in a location of your choosing, should you still want to preserve them.


What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

Document scanning OCR is a text recognition software that specializes in capturing everything on the paper, from handwriting to checkboxes. It ensures that your information is fully preserved when it is turned into a digital file.

How long does it take to digitize my archive?

This depends on the size of the archive, but after all the documents have been organized, the process is very straightforward and should take only a few hours.