Digital Mailroom

Digital Mailroom

Stay focused and efficient with a new digital mailroom solution



Save time by accessing mail on your devices



No more junk-mail or advertisements



Fast, same-day delivery




  • Easy to use digital mailroom software to keep your mail organized


  • Your mail can be accessed from any device


  • Security-focused software

A digital mailbox 

You can always depend on paper-based mail finding its way to you in dozens of envelopes to many different departments, and no matter how adamantly they are organized, you are still left with the paper and you still need to take the time to handle it. By using a digital mailroom service, the mail is scanned and delivered to you. No longer will you have to think about having the mail delivered to the correct department, organizing and storing the mail, or ensuring it is available to a larger number of employees. Azets Document Solutions has optimized the digital mailroom process, and made your mail available to you on any device in your business, as well as on your personal devices in case you need to access mail on the go.

With our service for digital mailrooms the mail is scanned into a digital format through digital mailroom automation, which reduces the administrative workload and provides easier access to the information. This reduces costs and makes it easier to follow regulations. It also allows full visibility and tracking.

Our solutions are designed to grow with the company, so that we can always deliver the best offers to your business.


What is Digital Mailroom?

Digital Mailroom is one of our digital postroom solutions; your mailbox optimized to be accessed on your laptop, phone or tablet, with scanning and delivery services provided by Azets Document Solutions.

How does it work?

We receive your paper mail, and through same-day delivery, we quickly scan the mail and make sure it reaches your digital devices as soon as possible.

Is it safe to use?

Our software uses secure ID login to ensure that only authorized employees can access the information. The mail storage is fully cloud-based and kept safe in the system.

Will I get junk-mail?

All junk-mail and advertisements are weeded out and prevented from bothering you while you are busy at work.

How will I access the files?

After scanning and uploading, specific files are only one search away on your device, and can be accessed from anywhere. With ADS’ cloud-based system, the files are also easy to share online among employees.