Let Azets experienced consultants help you to create a digital and automated invoice flow through software and integrations



Save time and money by building a digital and automated invoice flow



Increase the quality of payments and financial data by eliminating manual work



Our experience creates a process with low risk tailored to your needs




  • Fully digital invoicing process


  • Digitally available data


  • Exceptions and errors are caught by workflow automation

Establish an efficient e-invoicing process

Azets is able to help you create a fully digital and automated invoicing process. The result for previous customers has been time, resources and money saved. With advanced technology for data capture and invoice processing, the flow becomes more efficient. In addition, the effect is increased quality of payment and financial data through the elimination of manual processes.


How Azets provides invoice scanning services with added value

Invoices are sent to Azets scanning centre, to be digitized and transformed from paper invoices into files. Digital formats like pdf. TIF and XML are automatically forwarded to our intelligent processing services.

Workflow automation alerts and flags exceptions to the right people, and examples of data we could create automated rules for is supplier ID, amount and format of data. Your data is available digitally to give you better control of financial processes and greater transparency in your supplier’s behaviour.


The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a well-established process to set up digital communication between systems of files. A format for this communication is EHF.

Azets has many years’ experience with EDI, and we utilize this to expand the use of the data from the invoicing process to communicate with other systems and partners to further automate your document flow. 



What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

A process that creates communication between digital systems for file-hosting. There are many standards to fit the needs of specific industries, but they all imply a sequence of messages between a sender and a recipient, representing documents.

What is EHF?

An EDI format of digital communication set by both sender and recipient. EDI has many different formats to cover different needs, and Azets Document Solutions mainly use EHF.